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Thinking of You Friend – Sweet Friendship Quotes

Thinking of You Friend Quotes
Sweet Friendship Quotes
You Are My Best Friend Quotes

Thinking of you friend quotes

• My bestie, it has been a while we last saw. But your thought is forever In my heart.

• I miss the happy moments we have together.
I smile when I remember them because you’re always on my mind.

• Sometimes I miss you, sometimes I just love it but I can’t wait to see you again dear friend.

• I will do anything to be there with you, just to stop thinking about you my dear friend.

• I think of you every time my friend, I just felt like telling you that I miss you.

• I don’t care how long you think of me as long as my thought crosses your mind daily, I’m okay with it.

• Things may not permit me to be with you there but always know that I think of you always.

• A thousand miles apart and you’re always on my mind.
You are more of a brother than a friend. I love you.

• No matter what they say about you, always note that I will always love you and you will be in my thought forever.

• My dear friend, your thought flood my heart like a flooded stream, just then I realized that I’ve been thinking of you all day long. I miss you.

Sweet Friendship Quotes

• You have been the best part of me, my best buddy.
All your crazy doings keeps running through my head when I miss you.
I can’t stop thinking of you my dear friend.
You will be my best friend till the end.

• God and heaven knows that if I will ever need a best friend in my next life, guess who it will be. Only you fits in.
You understand me better than anyone else. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me always my friend.

• Life is easier with you. Every adventure with you has been amazing.
I will never ask for anything less than a best friend like you.
You are far from me right now, but have never left my mind. I keep thinking of you friend.

• The thought of all the moments we share keeps reflecting on my mind.
I think of the good things you have done for me, nobody seems to replace you since your absence.
You have made a mark that nobody can cover. I love you friend.

• Special things comes once in a life time. You came as a special friend to me and there have been nothing like you.
Everything you do to me is safely locked in my heart because I’ve never felt this valuable before.

• I think about you everyday because you are extraordinary with everything you do.
A times, I try to better my ways by following the way you do things.
Thanks for having a wonderful impact to my life, I can’t be grateful enough.

• Of everything I have in my life, you have stood out.
I can’t get the thought of the sweet things you had done for me.
Standing in for me when I’m down. Being all caring when the need calls for. I can’t stop missing you friend.

• I miss you so much and no one seems to take your place. I can’t wait to have you back to my days.
Your thoughts doesn’t leave my mind all through your absence.
I sent you this text because I am thinking of you buddy.

• You are my best friend ever. The only one who wouldn’t care how I got into a problem but will be there to get me out of it.
All of our adventures keeps playing on my heart every single day. There is no friend like you ever.

• I think of you everyday.
You have been the one next to my heart. I never thought, I’d have a friend as good as you.
You have made me understand the benefits of friendship. A role that you have played so well. I love you friend.

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