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40 Sweet Love Notes – Romantic Notes for Him or Her

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Here are some romantic notes for your partner and lover. When you realize that the whole world was carved out of love, you would love your partner more and more.

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Show love to your partner with these notes and watch your relationship blossom to full bliss. We look forward to an amazing relationship.

Table of Contents

Love Notes for Him

Love Notes for Her

1. Better for you
I open my eyes every morning thinking of you.
Lying on my bed, your thoughts flood my mind like the river.
How much you mean to me? I can’t describe.
How much life would be without you? I don’t even wish to imagine that.
You have opened my world to many possibilities.
Looking right at you, I can see all my flaws because you are my mirror.
I won’t promise you that I will be a perfect one but I give you my word, I will keep fighting to be better for you, every single day we spend together as one in this relationship.
I love you and you know that I will always do.

2. My heart is completely for you
Everyday I get the feeling of touching the skies.
You are making that a reality because I’m closer to the sky every moment we share together.
A wonderful feeling that cannot be compared to anything.
You are my sunshine in the morning and my sunset at noon.
Every of my thought revolves around you like the earth revolves around the sun.
My love for you is unlimited because my heart is completely for you.
If love is really blind then lead me along this exciting journey of love because I’m blind.
I love you will all of me.

3. I love to love you
I love to love you sweety due to the warmness it gives my heart.
The fusion of us is the best on earth. I love you, even the heavens knows.
We will be together, forever because we can’t fit in with anyone else.
My love will always be for you, be with you and forever remain with you because the joy my body and soul feels is the best I’ve ever felt all through my existence.
I love to love you, baby because you are the definition of me.
Your love is the light my world needs, the joy my heart wants every day and the food for my soul.
I love to love you because you are the best in the world.

4. Let me be your everything
Let me be your everything. The one you want to talk to, the one you run to when there is no way to go, the one who makes your day.
Let me be your everything. The one who never gets tired of you. The one who will love you unconditionally. The one whom your smile brightens his world.
Let me be your everything. The one whom your well-being matters too. The one who won’t sleep without saying goodnight. The one who won’t start the day without saying good morning.
Let me be your everything, the one who will love you back with all of him. I love you, baby.

5. My Royal Treasure
My world, my treasure,
My happiness, my heart leaps for joy at the sight of you.
You brought happiness to my life again.
You took the pain and sadness in me.
Baby, you brought an unquenchable desire to love.
Your smile rocks my heart, it kills my frown, it frightens me.
You are my Royal Treasure. What would I do without you.

6. He rocks my world
Who is He?
A guy with full potentials
A man of resounding laughter
A man with lots of wisdom… I guess I’d call him the Solomon of my time.
His words are coated with Love, security, assurance, and strength.
He’s the joy and desire of every woman
His physique, like that of Samson. Energize to save.
He’s handsome… He rocks my world alone with his smile.
God bless the man I love. Chesby Nuel.

7. You mean the world to me
Life may throw a lot of brimstones at us.
Sometimes, it seems like my life doesn’t worth living anymore. But when you came into my life, I really wanted to live.
I Long to be alive forever. Even with life’s struggles, I will survive because your presence in my life has given my life a new meaning.
A sweet meaning, I can’t find the right words that suit it, but I know its sweeter than honey.
You have been the rock that I can’t do without in my heart, the perfect friend that smiles when I’m happy and cry with me when I cry.
You are my perfect companion, who means the world to me.

8. Three things my world needed
I loved you from the start. My heart was filled with sweet things I remember you for.
My head was overwhelmed and completely lost in you. I felt nothing was sweeter than your love.
I never knew that the feelings that piled up, in the beginning, was only but a small taste of a mind-blowing, romantic, sweet love to come in the near future.
The feeling has grown much stronger over the years and I can’t even explain a bit of what I feel for you because I love you beyond words.
I want to be with you always because I am attached to you forever.
You gave me three things that my world needed in much desperation; hope fulfilled dreams and a reason to go on, living every day. I love you so much.

9. The day I say ‘I do..’
I have never felt so much love and care like this. The attention you give to me sometimes seems to me to be a dream, because it’s completely so sweet.
I want to be with you every day, I want to love you at every moment, I want to have my best and bad moments with you because your unbelievable love makes me so joyous when I’m with you.
I have got a fun-filled future with you and I’m never going to gamble with your love. I have longed to wake up to your cute face and I know that in the near future, my wishes and aspirations will be real. I have to be strong until that day.
I have to keep loving you with all of me till the day I will say ‘I do… ‘ to you, my sweetheart.

****Love Notes For Lovers***

Sweet Love Notes

10. What my heart wants
For a second, I beg you to never doubt my love for you. I might not be sure of my body, but I’m sure of what my heart wants.
Every day, I thank God for bringing you into my life and nothing can keep me apart from you ever.
I can’t even express my feelings with words, it’s just not perfect.
I can’t explain my feelings with this letter either, because even the ink and sheet can’t write nor contain my unmeasured emotions.
It’s sad to have so many emotions and don’t know how to let it out, but I promise to love you forever because my love for you is inexhaustible.
You make me shiver with your words, some things you say just take my breath away.
I can’t survive without you, not even for a day. I love you my dear. It gets stronger every single day.

11. I adore your sweet love
My feelings for you will never run out or become obsolete. I may only say ‘I love you’ but you will understand more when you place your head with your eyes closed on my beating heart and feel the rhythm. Its completely for you.
Sometimes, I just want to lay with you, and your big arms wrapped around me, giving me the impression of safety.
I love you, much more than you think and I cherish you so much that I can make your dreams come true.
You fit me perfectly, you make me feel completely lucky to have you in my life. I appreciate and adore your sweet love baby.

12. Nothing compares to you
I can’t think of anything else to call you than my Mr. Perfect.
Although not everyone will know how much awesomeness that’s packed inside of you, I sure know that the goodness inside of you can make my life the beautiful place that I’ve always dreamt about.
You are every woman’s dream because you fit in all rounded.
You are my life and you control my heartbeat. I am in love with you and wherever you go, I will go. Anywhere love leads you, I’d be there with you because life will lose its meaning if I’m left on my own.
I can’t stop adoring your features, nothing compares to them on earth. You are a Darling baby.

13. My forever soul mate
Nothing compares to you because you fit in as a man of my dreams. With your beautiful eyes, perfect luscious lips, cute dimples and more.
Whenever you hold me in your arms, I feel safe from the world. I feel peace and complete inside.
The thoughts of you send chills down my spine. I hope, I’m perfect to fit into your perfect world, because you are the key to my heart, my distraction, and my concentration.
You are my forever soul mate and my other half.
My world and joy will be completed, the day I walk down the aisle and officially began a different phase of life with you.
I will say ‘I do..’ That day, because I certainly, do love you with my whole heart.
[Name] never forget that.

14. You are everything I prayed for
Your love is no doubt a gift from heaven because my life has been touched and impacted by it every day.
Every day with you comes with a change. You have made my once hardened heart to loosen up to love and life.
I can’t believe that my world has what to live for because you touched me in so many ways I can’t explain.
I will love you completely and always place you above everyone else because you deserve every good thing.
I can’t thank you enough for being everything I’ve ever prayed for and always being there for me when I need you.
I love you completely my dearest.

15. I can’t live without you
The worst moments in my life created a huge space in my world and in life, which you filled up on arrival.
You have always been the one I’d run to when all hopes are lost. My world was deserted and close to its end when you showed up and covered my nak€dn€ss with your robe of love.
All through the rough and tough times, you were my pillar and comforter. That’s why I can’t live without you. I can’t exist a whole day with the thought that you and I are no more.
You are the treasure in my heart, so I’d guard you jealously from the prying eyes. I will love you completely without holding back anything.
I will be there for you in good and in bad times, just as you are clearly present in my life. I promise to keep loving you forever.

Short Love Notes

16. I can not live without your love. It means everything to me. From the bottom of my heart, i send you the best of love only my heart can offer.

17. No matter wherever you are at the moment, if you can feel my passion, you’d know that my love for you is real. I love you more than I can literally explain.

18. Your love is the sweetest thing I have ever felt. When I look at you, I see something different. I feel like I have been with an angel all my life. There is none like you.

19. I am loving you all the way till eternity. You fill my soul with joy and my spirit soars. Your presence mesmerizes me in so many ways I can’t explain.

20. Meeting you was a secret wish that came to reality. All because of you, I can’t wait for the morning sun before I jump out of the bed. You mean the world to me, baby.

21. The peace and happiness your love gives to me is pure heavenly bliss. There is nothing compared to the joy of meeting you. I love you, my angel.

22. In the sunny mornings, I think of you. In the cold night, I dream of you. There is no moment I spend without one memory of you or the other. I find myself feeling fulfilled just by being with you.

23. When I look into your eyes, I see sparkles of love deep inside of it. If I had my way right now, I would have given you a long kiss that will surely send chills down your spine. I love you, baby.

24. Over and over, I will choose your love over everything. My feelings for you flow more than the stormy ocean. You brought possibilities to my life and I love you with every inch of me.

25. You are everything I need to survive in life and the only game changer than overhauls my mood when I’m sad. All I want is you and nothing else because, with you, I am the richest person in the world.

26. If only you could look through and see how my heart beats for you. In the oceans of people, your sight gives comfort to my soul and happiness to my heart. You are everything I need to live forever.

27. Ever since I met you, I have been wondering what the hell I have been doing while breathing. I started living when you showed me how awesome your love is. There is no comparison of any sort for the wonders of your love.

28. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to see a smile on your face. It is just like the morning sun that breaks the day from the darkness. You are simply amazing my dear.

29. All the things you consider little and worthless are the beautiful and awesome things that have made me carve for you every second of the day. I can’t imagine how life looks without you.

30. Looking at you is cute but catching you while you secretly stare at me is more amazing than anything. We have created a lot of amazing memories during the short while we have been together and I promise you that the future holds much more.

31. Guess what happens when you are right beside me: my heart races and my face covers with sweat. You make ordinary things extraordinary. you make life worth living till the end.


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