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40 Sweet Christmas Message for Boyfriend 2018

Sweet Christmas Message for Boyfriend: Give your boyfriend a treat this Christmas season with a romantic Christmas Message. Here are Sweet Christmas Message for boyfriend, Christmas love messages for boyfriend, Christmas message for boyfriend long distance, Christmas love quotes and more all in one place.

Enjoy this Christmas season by spreading some love with one another. We also have other Christmas messages and quotes that you will love.

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Sweet Christmas Message for Boyfriend

1) Christmas period is the best time to appreciate those that are dear to us in one way or the other, I just want you to know you are the best of all gift I have ever received from God. I wish you a lovely and blissful Christmas.

2) My Christmas celebration and wish would have been incomplete without you my love, you are such a loving and wonderful person, and my wish for you this Christmas is for God to grant all your heart desires and bless you unconditionally, Merry Christmas my love.

3) Happy Christmas to best friend, my love and my heartbeat, as you celebrate the birth of our savor, may you be celebrated all the days of your life. Happiness and success will never depart away from your home, Merry Christmas my love.

4) With the demonstration of the unconditional love Christ displayed on the cross for me and you, I pray this Christmas period will be a reflection of the unconditional love, support and motivation you have ever shown me and I wish it continues till the end of time, Merry Christmas my world.

5) Happiness and laughter are what you have brought to me, I have been guaranteed peace of mind since you came into my life. I just want you to know I love you so much and you are the best all the people I have ever come across in life, Happy Christmas my love.

6) Special people are treated in a very special way, you are special my love and I wish to celebrate this very special day with you, because I know you will make it fun and worth remembering, Happy Christmas my world.

7) You are such a strong person, because every moment I set my eyes on you, I remember all those time we have been through challenges, how we have fought to conquer our differences, share in other to practice the act of giving, sacrifice in other to demonstrate our love for one another, Merry Christmas my queen.

8) Christmas is all about giving and sharing, an act of demonstrating the lessons of our savior. I wish to give you the whole of me these Christmas because you are such a caring and loving person. I love you so much dear, Merry Christmas.

9) I am to wish for a Christmas gift, I will wish for you because you are the light to my world and the music in my heart, you are all I want for Christmas.

10) They are this joy and oneness Christmas period spread; I pray it will not last only for this Christmas period but as long as we live on the surface of this earth, Merry Christmas to the world most beautiful woman.

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Sweet Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

11) walking towards you is the best step I have ever taken in my life, chasing you is the best decision I have ever made and loving you is the best thing that has ever happen to me. In this Christmas period, I wish our love will continue to grow from strength to strength, Happy Christmas, my angel.

12) There is a special feeling I have for Christmas period, I believe is a period were prayers are quickly answered, therefore I pray for God to meet all your needs and give us the strength to love each other unconditional, happy Christmas, my love.

13) There is something unique about you baby, something beyond what I can actually comprehend, your meekness and beauty remind me of the birth of Christ were all tribes and nations were aware of the wonders he can perform to save humanity, so will your beauty and meekness be know all over world, happy Christmas baby.

14) hello baby, special people like you deserve special treatment on a special day like this, you are my home when I have nowhere to lay my head, you are the cloth that covers my nakedness, my hope when I taught of giving up, my motivation in times of trials. My wish for you this Christmas is for God to meet all your innermost prayers and grant all your heart desires, happy Christmas my love.

15) Festive period like this, is for wishes and prayers, for sharing and giving, for merry and laughter, for singing and dancing, so my wish is for this period to bring you so much laughter, peace love, and success to you and your family, Happy Christmas.

16) spending the whole of my life with you is all I desire, having you as my wife is all I have ever wanted, been the mother of my children is all I have ever wish for. The love and compassion Christmas period bring, reminds me of our future home, happy Christmas, my love.

17) in this Christmas period, I wish to express my unending love to you, love that makes me feel greater than myself, love that makes me feel I can do all things, love that has no form of discrimination nor any act of insincerity, love that conquers all things, happy Christmas my world.

18) Just as the masses mean a lot to Jesus Christ doing is time on earth that he could lay down his life for them to be saved from destruction, so you mean a lot to me, the very day you accepted me into your heart, Happy Christmas, my baby.

19) Having you as a friend gives me so much joy and happiness, my wish for you this Christmas is to feel all the love and blessings that come with this festive period, may it be the best Christmas you will ever experience in your life.

20) As this festive period begins with love, unity, cheerfulness, and joy so may your family, friends and those that are dear to you, witness the beauty and blessings that come along with this period, happy Christmas my love.

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Christmas Message for Boyfriend Long Distance

21) I will like to spend this festive period with you, just to show you how much I care and love you so that whenever this period come again, even when am not around, you will remember the memory that accompanied this period, Happy Christmas my love.

22) Friendship would have been worthless without you, you are such a sweet and wonderful friend, and I wish we remain loyal and wonderful the way we use to be, Merry Christmas my friend may all our dreams and aspiration come to pass in this Christmas period that comes with sugar and honey.

23) What would have become of a man if Jesus Christ was not given birth to on this day? Likewise, to what would have become of me if I had not met you, your soul is so endowed with so much passion and uniqueness that makes everyone wants to have you in their life, happy Christmas to the love of my life.

24) Greatness is what we seek for, great is all we want to become, unity is what we all clamor for, unity is all we need to make a change, my wish is festive period is that all we ever wish for, that will bring change to our lives and that of humanity be granted in Jesus name, happy Christmas my friend.

25) love is beauty, love is wonderful, love is unique, love does not envy nor plot evil, this great act of love was displayed be our savior, who died on the cross just because of the love he has for humanity, my wish is that this love will continue to grow in our heart, happy Christmas my love.

26) My Christmas prayers for you is that you will be greater than what you ever imagine in life, unmerited favor shall be your portion, long life and prosperity shall never depart away from your house, happy Christmas my friend.

27) My heart is light and free because the most important person in my life came to lighten up my day and fill my soul with so much joy and happiness. As you journey back to your destination may the angels that brought you safely to my arms take you back in peace, merry Christmas.

28) Beautiful you are my baby, beautiful is the home you are coming from, beautiful are the parent that brought you to this world, as you witness the sweetness and beauty that this festive period brings, so you shall account for beautiful things all the days of your life, happy Christmas to my baby.

29) Great is that man that has never lay his hands on me, that has never given me a reason to leave him, that has never made me cry neither has he made me lose faith in myself, I am no God but am certain that good things will happen to you from this day henceforth, happy Christmas my man.

30) if I will be lost in this life, then I want to be lost in you my man, you are such a wonderful and strong man to have given me hope when I think all hope is lost, to have made me smile even when I think happiness is miles away from me, my wish for you this Christmas is for your silent prayers to be answered in Jesus name, merry Christmas with so much love from your baby.

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Sweet Christmas Messages for Him

31) If I have the opportunity of giving award this Christmas, then I think my baby will be taking the whole award, because you are the best of all cooks, most pretty, sexist, decent and the best of all Gods creations, happy Christmas my love just want you to know you are the best of everything I ever wished for.

32) Christmas period reminds me of how our love has been able to stand the test of time, it reminds me of the promise you made to me, the promise of never letting me go, you have been a resource of joy and motivation to me, as you witness the joy that comes with this festive period, may all your dreams and heart desires come to pass, happy Christmas dear.

33) Out of a thousand people I see in this world, I choose to spend every minute of this Christmas period with you because you are the source of my joy and reason for every good thing that has ever happen to me, Merry Christmas my love.

34) As the world receives its best gift today, the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ, may the joy, love celebration that comes with this gift never seize from your life now and forever, Merry Christmas dear.

35) I feel like the happiest woman in the world today because I know we are supposed to be celebrating Christ today, but you have made it look as if we are celebrating my birthday, I appreciate the gifts, the message, and how special you have made me feel today, Merry Christmas my man.

36) Right from the very first day I saw you I know you are the special one, that was why I never thought twice before saying yes to you, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and for you to find favor in what so ever you do in life, happy Christmas my man.

37) May the love of God fill your home this Christmas, you and your family have been very nice and caring to me, may the peace, love, favor, and grace of God be with you and your family all the days of your lives. Merry Christmas dear.

38) since this festive is all about love, sharing and giving, my wish this Christmas is for God to give me a heart to love you longer, because you have gotten a diamond heart, and I wish to remind you this day, so that you will know how special you are to me, happy Christmas my man.

39) If I have the powers to answer prayers every festive period, I would have answered all your prayers without delay, because I will like to replace all you have given out, may God replace everything you have given to support the people out they, Merry Christmas dear.

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