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50 I Need You Messages & Quotes

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I need you text messages & Quotes

1. I want to stand by your side all day, if that will show how true my love for you is.
I don’t love you because I need you, I need you because I love you.
You are worth than billions to me and precious than diamonds to my world.
Baby, the worst thing that will happen to me is you existing without me in your world. Life will be worthless and mean if you are not mine. I need you baby.

2. I love you to the moon and back.
All it takes is for you to wake up in the morning and allow me take care of you.
I will give you everything I have just to keep that beautiful smile on your face.
I am offering you my heart and my world because I need you everyday.

3. Of all the herculean tasks life has subjected me to, loving and cherishing you in my heart isn’t one of it.
I want to show you love without looking back, show you my heart and my world.
My life lacks the joy you momentarily give to me. I need that joy everyday, baby I need you now than never before.

4. Since the day we met, I realized that I needed you.
My world was feeling lonely and a gorgeous hunk like you would be perfect to be my man.
Come be my king because I need you, I need your presence and I need your love.
I can’t thank God enough for that day. It has been the best day of my life.

5. Being without you is really the toughest challenge ever.
coping with the day’s stress is heart rendering especially when you won’t be around to hug me tight.
I need you everyday, that’s what my heart keeps screaming whenever your thought pops up on my mind.
I can’t wait sweetheart.

6. All the sweet things you done for me remains indelible in my heart.
The more you elude your sweet charms, the more I realize I need you permanently and the more my heart longs for you.
You always stand out from the crowd and nothing compares to what you make me feel.

7. I really need you my sweetness because from that first day, you swept me off my feet, I really can’t do anything but think about you all day + night.
I have never felt this way or anything like this in a while.
You captivated me with your beautiful charms and I must admit, I do need you in my life as soon as possible.

8. You have ignited the candle of love in my heart.
It flames has brightens my world and burns my heart softly.
You have held me captive and I am enjoying every bit of it.
Finally, I’ve found the one who delights my heart. The only one whose thoughts makes me happy.
I need you forever my love.

9. My lovely Queen, you are my purpose for thriving because without you, I would be nothing.
You have given me more than enough reasons to be happy and lightened up my life with your unbeatable goodness. I need you now like always.
I want you to be with me because you are the voice to my songs and the steps to my dance.

10. One big reason I’m still breathing is because of you.
You have been the air in my world. You are the cause for my living.
The most caring human being I’ve ever met. I need you like the bird needs it’s wings for flight.
Your presence gives my heart joy. You are my everything.

11. In so many ways, I have tried to describe the love I have for you.
The emptiness I feel when you are far from me.
You know I will give anything up, just to be there with you.
Within my heart and deep in my soul, there is no doubt that I will love you till the end of time.
I will always be here if you need me.

12. If I could turn my love for you to flower, it will be the most sweetest rose everyone will wish to have. But my love is my heart. Come and have it. Come and live inside of my heart because I need you in it now more than ever before.
I know we will be together anywhere life throws us, that’s because I need you honey.

13. To get you to see how much my feelings for you grows, I will write you a poem everyday.
If it takes me my whole life to prove that all I need is you, that I will do the requisites with gladness, because my soul is eternally bonded to you.
All I need is you baby.

14. I promise to love you without compromises.
I promise to care for you without relenting.
I will never hurt a single hair of yours.
You can count on me to be the best you have ever had.
Only if you understand how much I need you, you’d know that my love for you is more than real. I need you always baby.

15. You are simply amazing with everything you do.
Every little thing you do brings joy to my life, that’s why I will always love you.

16. I want to Love you because I have you to my self.
You the best in the world as every moment I spend with you is golden.
All of me is for you always.

17. Now and forever, you will be the king of my heart.
Tomorrow and next, you will be the sun that guides and brightens my life.

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