Best Love Messages Goodnight Text Messages

Sweet Cute Goodnight Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Cute Goodnight messages, sweet goodnight messages, lovely goodnight messages to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend

With the upgrade in several social network platforms, sharing and sending of best cute sweet Goodnight love text messages between boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives seems to gradually erode

Many relationships are suffering from this, having partners assume that the other doesn’t care. One thing about love is that the big things you over look e.g failing to send a goodnight messages to your love after a date.


Sweet Goodnight Messages for your Girlfriend

Sweet Goodnight Messages for your Boyfriend

Cute Goodnight Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Cute Goodnight Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

Short Goodnight Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

Short Goodnight Messages to Send to your Boyfriend

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Sweet Goodnight Messages for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

• I desire not to wake you up that’s why I’m whispering, I’m texting you, to kiss you a sweet goodnight. Sleep tight.

• I’m wishing you my sweety pie a lovely, cute, wonderful romantic and happy dreams as you close your eyes to sleep. Goodnight.

• I may be the busiest person in the whole wide world but I’m not ending my day without wishing you to have a sweet goodnight rest.

• You saw a lot of smiles today, but you skipped one.
The smile not from the lips but from the heart.
The precious smile from me. Goodnight.

• The day is now dark but hasn’t ended for me because I have one task more.
Telling you to have a Cute Night rest. I love you.

• When you see this message, close your eyes and smuggle up tight. For I am wishing you the sweetest of dreams tonight. Goodnight.

• The text you’re reading isn’t just to say Goodnight, it has this inner message saying you’re the only thing in my heart tonight. Goodnight Dear.

• Close your bright eyes to sleep because tomorrow will bring us much love and happiness. I love you,

• A special face,
A beautiful smile,
A precious someone
Have a goodnight and the sweetest of all dreams.

• It doesn’t matter if the sky is black or blue, I careless if there is moon or stars, as long as our love exist, I am wishing you a lovely goodnight.

Cute Goodnight Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

• Just for you I’m telling the moon to Dim its light,
The wind to blow softly, and the earth to spin gently because someone special is going to Bed.

• The night isn’t beautiful with the sky filled with stars and moon.
Its beautiful when someone special is kissing you goodnight in the presence of the heavenly stars and moon.

• Sorry for making your phone buzz, you can now delete this messages for there isn’t anything in this text other than goodnight.
I love you.

• I know the moon is bright enough to find a pin and I also know that the stars are right over your roof to make the night beautiful.
I’m wishing you a goodnight and sweet dreams to make it ll complete.

• I wish you sweet dreams about me that will touch your heart and make tonight magical.
Goodnight my love and sleep tight.

• Just like a sweet surprise, I think and dream of you all day.
I pray you think and dream of me when you close your pretty eyes tonight.

• The day is gone but I’m still with you in your mind, eyes and heart.
Just close your eyes and hear me saying Goodnight and Sweet dreams.

• Tonight would have been perfect if you were in my arms, but I’ll still tell you goodnight and sweet dreams and hope on when I will hold you through the cold night.

• Before you sleep, I commit everything in the hands of the maker and ask him to guild you because I have already asked him to make your dreams romantic.

• Someone special is preparing to sleep, but have been distracted reading this text, that person is you.
Goodnight my love.

Short Goodnight Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

•Hello, are you sleeping yet without saying something to me?
Well I’m here with a basket of sweet dreams, you’ll be needing it tonight.

• Words can’t describe what I’m feeling tonight.
Just close your eyes with me, let’s zoom off to dreamland.

• Let tonight’s cool breeze keep you at peace.
Close your eyes and let the sweet dreams usher you to a new day.
Goodnight my love.

• Getting you off my mind this cold night seems impossible so I decided to say, Goodnight. I love you, so that I’ll feel better.

• This text has just one message, which is ‘Goodnight’ now you’ve seen it, go back to sleep then.
I love you.

• As the day chameleons to night, I send you my sweet wishes.
Goodnight my angel and have cute dreams.

• Tonight, just the thought of your love keeps my whole body and soul, warm.
So I close my eyes and wish you goodnight and best of sweet dreams.

• Happiness is very important in life because it keeps the heart warm and the face re-freshened.
Its just lovely that you’re my happiness.
Goodnight my love.

• When money finishes and wealth fades away.
I remain steadfast because of your undying love.
Goodnight my Sweetheart.

• Me plus you is equal to forever. We will remain together because we are not better being apart.
I love you darling. Goodnight.

Sweet Cute Goodnight Messages You Will Love

• The night was perfectly made for the rest of precious angels like you.
I wish you the sweetest of dreams.

Your partner is a precious angel, even if he or she isn’t one to other people, they are one to you.
Now wish them the sweetest of dreams with this text message.

• When you want to sleep, pray for me.
When you want to dream, dream of me because I want to be with you even in your dreams.
I love you. Goodnight.

Express yourself. Being in his or her dream is just amazing.
Its a sign of closeness because most times, we dream of what we think about.

• I know one thing.
I know that you’re about closing your lovely eyes.
I now want you to know that I’ll be in your dreams to make them sweet and lovely.

Assure your lover than you’ll be around them, even in their dreams.
We might not control things but note that our thoughts are powerful. So shoot this text straight to him or her.

• As you close your eyes to sleep, imagine closing them after starring at me.
As you rest your head on pillow, imagine placing it on my chest.
As you zoom off to dreamland, imagine me by your side.
Goodnight dear.

Things may be impossible physically but not in the imaginary world.
The imaginary world is free for all, especially for you.

Before you sleep, pray for me and you.
Pray that God keeps us together and make our love last forever.
Goodnight my bunny pie, I love you.

We engage in relationships for sweet union.
The same way you both make efforts in making it a success, put it up in prayer and let the creator see it through.

Good night messages for lovers


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