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30 Good Morning Sunday Messages

Good Morning Sunday Messages for Him or Her: We all know how special Sundays are that is why we have written about 30 beautiful Sunday morning messages to send to those that make your life amazing. Here are the Good morning Sunday messages for Him or Her.

Spice up the mornings of your lover and friends with this good morning Sunday messages and you will be grateful you did.

Good Morning Sunday Messages

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Good Morning Sunday Messages

1) I may not always be with you as I use to, I may not be there to kiss your lips as I use to, I may not be there to hold your hands to church as I use to, but I want you to know my heart will always long for those things we do every Sunday morning, good morning and love you so much, dear.

2) My love for Sundays is unconditional because of it a work-free day.  It gives me the liberty to express my appreciation to you, and it makes me want to do those crazy things we have not done in a while in just one day and to make you understand how much I value our love if not for the busy schedules, happy Sunday dear.

3) I think Sundays is a beautiful and blessed day because it gives us the consciousness to make reflections of how we have lived our lives in the past few days by going to church to learn the teachings of love and sacrifice that will make our relationship to grow from strength to strength, happy Sunday my dear.

4) Of all the lessons I have had in my life, I think the teaching of love is the greatest, love is a tool that mends a broken heart; it is a tool that makes us love without discrimination, a device that makes us choose love over hate and to love each other unconditionally, happy Sunday dear.

5) They are this particular prayer I say every Sunday morning, and I always pray to God to give me the strength to love you with all my heart and to provide me with the ability to demonstrate my unconditional love to you the way Christ gave his life to save humanity, happy Sunday my queen.

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6) I wish you a day full of love, peace, happiness and joy in all you find yourself doing today, as it marks the day God rested after his creation, may it mark a new beginning and favor in your life, happy Sunday my love.

7) wake up my love; wake up to see the brightness of this great day and witness the blessing that today will bring to your home, wishing you a day filled with undesirable favor and joy among your peals, good morning and happy Sunday my love.

8) If I have the power to do great things, I would have turned all the days we have in a week to Sundays, because it will give me the opportunity to spend more time with you my love and take you to places you have never been before, good morning and happy Sunday dear.

9) May the name of the Lord be praised for creating a day as warm and holy as Sunday. It is a day we go to church or have lonely and quite time to lift all our problems before God and for him to answer by doing great and marvelous things in our lives, as you open your eyes to see this beautiful morning may God grant all your heart desires and bless you even more than you deserve.

10) All I want is for you to show me a sign of how much you love me, and I will love you back in a hundred folds. I will provide for you like how the lioness provides for her younger ones. I will protect you just as the mother hen protects her chicks from danger, and sacrifice for you like how Christ gave up his life for his loved ones, happy Sunday my love.

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11) Am sending my love down to the world best woman, who has been faithful and perfect in loving me just the way I am, my prayer and wish for you today is that you continue to see beautiful things all the days of your life, good morning and happy Sunday to the best woman in the world.

12) Arise from your sleep great woman of courage, go to the world as you have always done to share your love to those that are broken at heart, smile to those that are suffering from distress and give hope to those that have lost faith in life, good morning and happy Sunday my heart.

13) If I have ever wished for something in my life, then is to meet and love someone like you, you bring so much hope and love to me like never before and I pray for God to give me the strength to continue loving you till the end of time, good morning and happy Sunday my king.

14) The blessings of the Lord is what I wish you, my king. You will be a blessing beyond human understanding. I hope you the best in what so ever you find yourself doing in life because you have been a blessing to me and many souls out there, wake up my man and go and receive the abundant grace today has in store for you. Good morning and happy Sunday my king.

15) I urge you to start today with a positive mind, a mind that sees positivity in all the negativity of life, that gives out to the needy, that gives hope to the hopeless and a beautiful soul that offers to heal broken souls, good morning and happy Sunday dear.

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16) The thought of you is all that fills my heart this morning. I think of you day and night because you fill my heart with a lot of melody and happiness that makes me feel as if am the only one that has the favor of God. I want you to know how much I always think of you. Good morning and happy Sunday my man.

17) They are magic that walks alongside with love, the magic that makes me want to give my all to you without considering what I will be left with, the magic that makes you look like the most perfect person in the world and the magic that makes me forgive even before you ask for it, may this magic continue to attract great things to you all the days of your life, good morning and happy Sunday my love.

18) I may not have the money to provide all your needs, I may not be available always to wake up next to you every morning, but deep down my heart, I want you to know there are no seconds I don’t think of you or miss you, good morning and happy Sunday my love.

19) Good things go to those that wish others good. Happiness goes to those that want happiness for others. Respect goes to those that wish others love and amazing opportunities go to those that give the little they have. You have practiced the act of giving than taking, may all the things you gave out return back to you in a thousand folds. Good morning and happy Sunday my man.

20) Get up, pretty face, you are not just beautiful alone but also have an excellent heart. You are the perfect description of what a great woman should be. That why I need you to wake up to tell you how beautifully and wonderfully God has complete his work in your life. Good morning and happy Sunday my love.

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21) There are things you do that makes me see you as an angel. How you lift me when I am down, how you suddenly appear when I need help, and how you motivate me when I think all hope is shaking. To me, you are sent to meet and provide my needs, and I want you to know I love you so much. I will always pray for God to meet all your needs this peaceful Sunday morning. Good morning and happy Sunday my man.

22) I miss kissing your forehead when I am away from home. I miss dragging you to church when you feel lazy to get up. I miss looking at your pretty face to tell you how beautiful and angelic you are and I also miss complimenting your gorgeous dresses. I want you to know that I miss you a lot. Good morning and happy Sunday.

23) It is not by developing wings or staying in heaven that makes one an angel because you are my angel on earth. You have given me the love my body and soul carves for, and I know you will have the fantastic, beautiful Sunday morning.

24) I love Sundays because it gives me more opportunity to ask anything from God, asking him to always guide and protect you and also give you the wisdom and strength you need to face your challenges, good morning and happy Sunday beautiful.

25) my prayer for you today, is for this day to mark the beginning of a blessed and peaceful week for you, failure will never be your potion, and I pray for productivity in what so ever you lay your hands upon, good morning and happy Sunday my love.

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26) Evil may surround the face of the earth and thing may not be moving as you want them to, but I want you to believe in God. Wake up with that beautiful smile of yours and act as if you are the only one God has blessed. Have a good morning and a happy Sunday, my love.

27) I may not have the power to move a mountain, build mansions, and buy expensive cars or even sit among great men, but they are things I am sure of doing, which is to love and give you the happiness you deserve, good morning and happy Sunday my queen.

28) I am no God to tell you what is going to happen the next minute or how long you will live on earth, but I have sincerely prayed to God to grant you long life and prosperity and to make good things happen in your life, rejoice for I believe you are blessed, good morning and happy Sunday my love.

29) Of all the men I have seen, I think you are the strongest of them all. You love me the way nobody has ever loved me, you cherish and adore me as no one has ever done. I am who I am because of you, and I want you to know you will never have a reason to doubt my love for you. Have a good morning.

30) I open my heart to heaven to send you this prayer my man, open your eyes to reality to think great things, do great things and achieve great things, this is my honest and humble prayer to you this morning, from a heart that loves you, happy Sunday my man.

31) At some point we have all sinned and come short of the glory of our maker, my earnest prayer this morning is for God to forgive us our sin, whether knowingly or unknowingly and I also pray for his light shine upon us, good morning and happy Sunday my friend.

32) The holy book said, and I quote, ask and it shall receive unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the gate of heaven shall be open unto you. I wish you unfathomable favor, and blessing this good morning.

33) Of all the assets I have acquired in my life, both in the past and the ones I am yet to receive in the future, I think you are the best of them all. You have given the reason to go to church every Sunday to thank God for the great and marvelous things He has done in my life. You are a gift, so precious and beautiful. I wish you a good morning and happy Sunday my queen.

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