Love Paragraphs

100 Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

Blow your man away with these excellent cute paragraphs for your boyfriend. Show and assure him that your love is for him and no one else with these letters.

We have written the cutest paragraphs for your boyfriend, and we hope that you will like them as well.

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The cute paragraphs for your boyfriend here were written to suit every mood. So whichever way, you wish to express your love to your boyfriend, there are loads of paragraphs for your boyfriend.

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

1. I Can’t Imagine Me Without You
I can’t spend a day on earth without you. I can’t imagine loving someone else while you breathe. I love you.

2. You Are My Favorite Jean
Loving you is like wearing my favorite pair of jeans. I can’t get tired of wearing it. I love you and can’t stop loving you.

3. Yes, I Will Love You Forever
Only you can turn my world around, set my heart on fire, and make everything beautiful.
Will I continue to love you? Yes, I will, forever.

4. My Love For You Is Forever
Even if everything changes, friends go away, the sun disappears. One thing will remain the same, “My love for you.”

5. You’re Wonderful To Me
Each time I see you, each time I look into your eyes, each time I hold your hands. I realize how wonderful you’re to me.

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6. Your Love Is Bliss
The bliss my soul enjoy each time I see your face can brighten the Darkest planet.
I love you plenty.

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

7. I Can’t Do This Alone
I have never felt this hollow in my life before.
The thought of not seeing you for another day can be heartbreaking, can I stay in your heart to stop this nuclear explosion?

8. My Heart Desires You
The heart knows what it desires, but I know that yours yearn for the warm feelings we share all day long.
I love you.

9. The Way I Love You
Only if you love me back,
The way I love you.
I don’t think I would worry if I die the next second.
I love you, baby.

10. Stand The Test of Time
Cuppy Cake, I want you to know that our love will overcome any obstacle. It will stand the test of time like old wine. It will get better and healthy.
Much love.

Long Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

11. If you love me as I love you. If you feel the way my heart beats, then, there is no going back. Let’s love each other until our very last breath.

12. I love you from sunrise to sunset because you own my heart. I have chosen to be with you. Since we were meant to be for the rest of our life.

13. You’re a perfect definition of perfection. I wonder why I never noticed how valuable you are, right from the moment we met. I love you so much.

14. I want you to know one thing. I love you, and nothing is going to change what you mean to me.

15. I can’t stop loving you, don’t even ask me to stop, because all my heart knows, is you and you alone.

16. One lesson I will teach you about love is to handle this heart with sweet care; there isn’t
Another like it.

17. The bliss my soul enjoy each time
I see your face can brighten the
Darkest planet. I love you plenty.

18. We started saying “I love you” some hours ago
And I’m getting afraid of letting you go.
Promise to stay with me even in the darkest hour.

19. Each time I pray to God I ask for a moon that
Will stick around when there is no sun.
Then God sent you my way. I love you much.

20. Your love is engulfing,
The feeling is enticing,
Your assurance is comforting,
And your heart Is the safest place on earth. I love you.

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21. The lovely feeling I get each time you
Tell me how you feel makes me too
Dumb to tell you that “I love you too.”

22. There is One essential thing I don’t
want to lose.
It’s not your tempting eyes,
It’s not your comforting voice,
It’s not your tender touches.
It is you that I don’t want to lose. I love you.

23. I understood that i hardly get hungry
whenever I’m with you. Thanks for Your health love. “I Love You”

24. I asked the pastor the most beautiful
Place in the universe. He answered,
The heaven but not until I looked
Into your eyes.

25. You won’t believe what happened the last time you told me,
“I love you.”
My heart was screaming, “I Love you too.”

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26. I plan not to love anyone else, all I know is that as much as I love you, I am glad to have one of the most amazing persons on earth.
You rock my world.

27. When I am with you, I find peace and quietness.
I never knew true love was this sweet.
You make my life worth living, over and over again.
I love you, baby.

28. There are a million things I want to do now, and one that I can do without distraction is loving you like no other.
Order me to love you.
Command me to want you, more and more.

29. I have a couple of things I have dreamed of doing with you.
One of them is wrapping your soft body in my arms, and the other is holding your hand while we take a walk at the beach.
I know its a dream that will become a reality someday. I love you with my heart.

30. Baby, I imagine us sitting right next to each other without moving, without wishing to be somewhere else.
Just holding hands and watching the T.v on a breezy evening. Cute right? Let’s make this a reality.

31. Your love is so powerful because it makes me feel like I am in the clouds. Your love makes me feel like I could probably run a marathon without ever training for it.
It makes me feel like I was on something because I can’t explain this continuous flow of energy.
Your love is so powerful as it makes me happy.

32. I realize that everything was beautiful when I fell for your love, it made me excited, and I keep smiling with just a thought of you.
I love you, my diamond.

33. You made my heart flutter.
You lightened my world when you made my world stop spinning as we kiss.
Your smile made everything look beautiful.
I love you, my dearest.

34. I wanted someone to understand me.
I need you to fill the space in my heart.
You are someone I will love without a doubt, and I want you to know that my heart is for you always.
You are the perfect person I want to be with till eternity.
I love you.

35. I love my life because it gave me you.
I love you because you are my life.

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

36. I’m not as good as your first lover.
I’m aware that I’m not a perfect girl, but I will do my best for you if you let me into your heart.

37. You won’t believe what you’ve done to me.
You came and took my heart, my soul, and my emotions.
I am just completely in love with you.

38. I never thought a caring, loving, and selfless guy like you ever exist talk more of being mine.
I love you, honey.

39. I’ve heard of true love.
They exist on story books, but It came to reality when you came into my life and made me feel real love.
I love you so much.

40. I love you and will always do because you are the best any lady will wish to have right by her side.
You are simply the best.

41. I’m happy,
I have a life,
I have a good man.
I have you, my Love.

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile

42. You are special. Each time I look at you, I see more reasons why my past relationships didn’t work. You are the one for me until my last days on earth.

43. Heaven sent me an angel.
My heart feels joy as never before.
I won’t repeat goodbye because you are here to stay inside my heart.

44. You are the only one for me.
How can I ever think of replacing you,
My Superman.

45. Ever since we came together, leaving you is one thing I dread most.
Promise me that you will remain my Special Kind Of Guy forever!

46. My Love! If you doubt what I feel for you,
Just look straight into my heart and see for yourself.

47. You are the one that touched my life.
You are the one who completes me.
You are the one for me.
You are my man.

48. I will send you a smile to keep you high,
A kiss to set your soul alright.
All this to keep you balanced in my heart.

49. Many ask what’s LOVE,
Some say its Responsibilities,
Others call it a Game,
Few call it a Dream.
But I call it LOVE.

50. Promise me that you will always touch my heart.
The way you always do.
I love you, sweety.

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend Long Distance

51. Don’t wish to live without you because I can’t sleep without you, because I can’t eat without you, because you are the one for me.

52. I might be different, but what I feel for you remains untouched.
I love you, honey.

53. How did you get me to love you?
You broke down my defense,
Now I’m crazily in love with you.

54. Did you remember how we met?
I was from eye contact. Now the rest is that
You’re the King of my heart.

55. My love is for you alone.
Say you’ll be here to have my love because I can’t stop loving you with the passing of each day.

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56. I tried to shut my heart, but it wasn’t able because you still exist.
You’re such a darling for being here for me when I need you.

57. We spend much time together but those moments are not sweet compared to that second you say the words,
‘I love you.’

58. Your love can heal a cut
Your care and affection can soften a stone
Your love has made my life beautiful
I love you, baby.

59. Can’t wait to see you,
Just tired of seeing you, only in my dreams.
I miss you, sweety.

60. I will get you anything any girl will give her boyfriend. I will show you all my heart if you give me all your love.

Short Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

61. Your presence brings that smile on my lips, even when I don’t wish to have one. Thanks for being my sun during the rainy days.

62. Thinking of anything other than you? That was before I met you. You now own and control my mind and heart.

63. I need you, so it doesn’t matter how many times I see or talk to you. My day wouldn’t be complete without you.

64. When I’m around you, nothing matters anymore as you’re the only thing that makes my world move around. I heart you.

65. I can’t imagine living in a world where I can’t see or touch you. You’re the air in my world, without you I am nothing. You’re the sun in my life. Without you, I am empty.

66. When I’m around you, nothing matters anymore as you’re the only thing that makes my world move around. I heart you.

67. If talking could make you smile, I’ll keep talking all year and forever, to keep a smile on your face all my life.

68. No matter how much time I spend with other people, it compares to nothing when we are with each other.

69. If I am to love any man in my next life, it will be you. Because since the first moment that I saw you, I have never had your thought off my mind.

Romantic Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

71. I have always known how precious you’re to my life. How you brought bliss and happiness. What can I do without you?

72. You are my present, and I don’t think.
The past is needed. I love you, and I’m never stopping till my very last Breath.

73. I don’t wish to
“Beat around the bush,”
I only want you to promise
Me one thing. “Forever.”

Romantic Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

Romantic Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

74. Loving you was the best feeling
I’ve had in a long while, staying
With you is the feeling I want

75. There are many complications with
“Love at first sight,” but I felt a
Sense of forever the first day
We met.

76. I want us to be together today
I want us to be together tomorrow
I want us to be together forever.

77. It’s always a blessing when you are
Around, I found my self falling in
Love when I should. It’s all because
Of you.

78. I noticed the honesty in your eyes
When you said “I Love You” but I
Believed it when you made me
Love you too.

79. There is nothing compared to what
We share.
It’s an unimaginable blessing filled
With sweet feelings of love.

80. I always think of you at all time. I pray to God for more years to spend with the man that makes my day lovely. You are my sunshine.

Heartfelt Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

81. I Want To Be Like This Forever
With you by my side, I feel something.
I feel the storm coming,
I think the heavens are coming down.
I feel like being like this forever.

82. Without You
Sometimes I wonder how life would have been without you.
It would have been a nightmare no one wishes to have.
I love you for making my life beautiful.

83. Definition Of Love
A million stars, a million tears and more, I will give to you.
Because you’re the definition of love.

84. How Precious You Are To Me
I want to kiss your lips and hold you tight.
I want to look great for you because I want you to know how precious you’re to me.

85. Let’s Celebrate The Moment
I feel good, and I want you to do the same.
This moment is special. Let’s celebrate every bit of it.
I love you, my man.

86. You’re The King Of My Heart
I will always be your woman, every second, every hour, every year.
You’re the King of my heart.

87. You’ve Stolen My Heart
There is something new about the way you smile.
It makes the wind cease, my heartbeat stop, and I believe you’ve stolen my heart.
I love you & need your love every day.

88. Definition Of Love
Love is love when you love someone, but gets beautiful when someone likes you back.
I’ll always love & love you forever.

89. You & You Alone
My heart knows what it wants, and we both know that it wants just someone.
That’s you and you alone. I love you.

90. Foundation Of Love
You built that strong foundation of love in my heart.
You’re the most adorable thing on earth. My love for you is strong. I love you, Nuel.

91. Life’s Precious Gift To Me
Our connection is divine. The foundation is on trust, fun, and honesty.
That’s one of life’s precious gift to me.
Allow me to show you sweet, cute loving.

92. Let Me Be Your Lady
Let me hold your hands all through your life.
Let me be your lady forever.
I love you, my special one.

93. Romantic Secret
Let me share this secret with you.
The world will get to know it later, but you should know first.
I want to let you know that I love you so much. You can now tell the world.

94. You Make My World Amazing
Your smile, your cute face, your love.
All this makes the world amazing. I’ll never stop letting you know this.

95. My Precious Man
When I look deep into your eyes, I see the calmness and power you possess.
You are my precious man.

96. Awesome Lover
I wish to appreciate you today.
You are that perfect match that completes me. Even if I had the option of changing anything about you, I won’t because you are just awesome the way you are.
My awesome lover.

97. Your Love Got Me Off Guard
Your love is strong and compelling.
It got my heart, enslaved my mind, and I can’t do anything with my head.
I have no regret because, with your love, I’m a winner.

98. Sweetest Memories Ever
The moments we share were the most loving memories I ever had.
They are the best, and its a gift worth keeping for the rest of my life.

99. Tough Love
It grew, slowly like a single Mazie on rocky ground.
Suffered many obstructions but it overcame everything.
I love you so much for allowing our love to grow.

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