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1. The depth of my heart
Till the end of time, my love for you will be unconditional.
Everything you Need and more, i will give you from the depth of my heart. I love you.

2. Its from me
No love is true unless its unconditional. No love is special until it comes directly from the heart.
No love can be like mine unless its from me.

3. Your unconditional love
You are the best thing in my world.
You kissed my fears away, showered a better part of your love on me, opening my heart to love again.
Your unconditional love can never be estimated.

4. At the mercy of your love
Your love is strong like the wind.
Your care subdue my defence like the storm would throw a ship over  board.
I’m completely left at the mercy of your unconditional love.

5. My unconditional love is for you
Your smile is infectious, your love is addictive.
You are the heaven i sooth for. I love you my  baby.
My unconditional love will forever be for you.

6. What I feel for you
I will never forget you exist because what I feel for you is unconditional.
I promise to love you without looking back.
I will always love and cherish you forever.

7. Without looking back
Weather the sun shines or it’s snowy, I will love you without looking back.
I commit to being with you forever because you are the one for me.

8. We will remain strong
Life throws jabs at us but we will be together.
Even with the occasional lapses, mistakes and goofups, we will remain strong. I love you.

9. Best kindness in the world
You love and cherish me, so I will love and honor you with the best kindness in the world.
Life may be petty atimes, but I will love you unconditionally.

10. What the heart wants
This is not about winning every fight or being right all the time, it’s about knowing what the heart wants and that’s love.
I love you baby, unconditionally.

11. Everyday of my life
When I found you, my search for true love ended, because from your smile, I can see your heart.
I call you my prime source of joy because I keep floating high in the sky when I’m around you.
I wish to spend everyday of my life with you.

12. Just you and your love
Sometimes, I wish I met you a long time ago, but I’m still grateful it started when it did, because I feel like I’m in heaven already.
I am keeping you and your love because with just you and your love, my world is complete.

13. The one who brightens my life
You are the best and none compares to you.
You are the key to my world of fulfilment. The very first encounter I had with you showed me that I’ve got the one who brightens my life.
My unconditional love is for you alone.

14. Its me and you forever
There is never a day I would spend without you, because you are my everything.
I will be crazy to call it a quit with you, because my world will suffer your absence and my heart will be filled with pain and regrets.
Its me and you forever.

15. Nobody can replace you
I offer my unmistakable and unconditional love to you.
All you can do is keep showering me with those sweet doses of care and affection.
I am keeping you forever because nobody beats you in loving me. Nobody can replace you.

16. When you need me
As long as my heart beats, my unconditional love is always there for you.
Never doubt how unconditional it is, because I can stay up all night, just to be there when you need me.
You mean everything to me.

17. Sweet unforgettable moments
No other person than you deserve my care and affection.
No one than you can command my love.
Nobody than you can make me experience the sweet unforgettable moments you give to me.
I love you darling.

18. The unbeatable feelings
I fought through thick and thin to find such a love.
I paid highly to enjoy the unbeatable feelings you give to me.
I’ve waited all my life to have someone love me unconditionally, without asking for anything than my heart.
You are my king

19. With your unconditional love
I always pray to share a future with you, because with you, all my worries disappear and my sorrows melt away.
You are a rare diamond that had illuminated my world with your unconditional love.
I heart you so much baby.

20. Loving you unconditionally
I can’t describe my love for you in a text message. I don’t care how the word ‘love’ is spelt or pronounced.
All I want, is to share everyday of my life loving you unconditionally.
You are the one for me any day, any time.

21. Journey of life with you
Sweet words can’t match what your love had done in my life.
My relationship with you has been a boost to my well being and I’m glad, I am with you.
My heart beats for just you because you are the only one who resides there.
I want to ride with you on the journey of life.
With your sweet care and genuine affection, I’m sure, it will worth the ride.

22. You are my treasure
I am risking it all for you. My heart, my body, my unconditional love.
I will give much more if it’s required just to keep you as mine.
if I don’t, who else will?
You are my treasure and I find comfort being with you.

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