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60 Thursday Quotes – Happy Thursday Quotes | Funny | Inspirational

Have you been working all through the week? Relax, you are just a day away from the weekend.
Spend the rest of the Thursday feeling motivated with these Thursday inspirational quotes. Ginger your morning with Thursday morning quotes and there are also some funny Thursday quotes for you.

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Thursday Quotes,

Happy Thursday Quotes

Thursday Inspirational Quotes

Thursday Morning Quotes

I am wishing you nothing less than a bliss filled happy Thursday.
I have gathered an amazing collection of Thursday quotes, happy Thursday Quotes and happy Thursday wishes to make your day complete and keep your heart motivated.

Every day of the week comes with its own energy and it will match perfectly if your heart, body, and soul are motivated to fit in the energy today brings.

Enjoy the following Thursday quotes, Thursday wishes.

Thursday Quotes

1. Be happy because of it’s Thursday already.
Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is around the corner.
Be happy because you are alive and still breathing. Happy Thursday.

2. Live your dreams today, not because of what it will prove or get you but because nobody is sure of tomorrow.
Have a happy Thursday dear.

3. Be on the positive side this Thursday and watch how everything that happens afterward have a totally new meaning to you.
Smile even when depressed and be hopeful it will always be a happy Thursday.

4. Sometimes, you just have to say what you want or do what your mind tells you without minding the consequences.
Live every day of your life and give no room for regrets as you do.

5. I wish you good health, joy, peace, and positivity in every one of your actions today.
Have a memorable happy Thursday.

6. Being happy attracts happy and fun loving people.
Life is like a magnet. You attract what you are to yourself.
Be happy and be positive. Have a great Thursday.

7. Sometimes, Thursdays mean that it has been a really long week that is one day away from the weekend.
Place a smile on that face and keep your worries away.

8. Share love with everyone around.
Send love to those far away.
Be happy, it’s a lovely Thursday.

9. Thank God for letting me breath from Monday to this day.
I know, he will continue to let me breathe till the end of the year.
Happy Thursday to you.

10. After waking up with the break of the morning sun, I look out through my window and all my heart could think of was, “what a wonderful world”.
Happy Thursday.

11. Some people see Thursdays as regular weekdays, I see it as an indicator that the weekend is around the corner.
Happy Thursday everyone.

12. Even as much as I want Thursdays to be Fridays, they can’t still be Fridays.
Wishes don’t come true sometimes.

13. You are alive. You have today to find out your purpose for being alive if you are yet to realize that.
Have a fun fun-filled Thursday.

14. Thursdays can’t be the new Friday because Mondays never seem to change with its hurries despite everyone’s wish.

15. Do things that make you feel alive because today is Thursday.
Spend time with people who would give up anything to be with you.

Happy Thursday Quotes

16. You chose things that stay or leave in your life.
Its in your hands to choose happiness over anything this Thursday.

17. Be too optimistic to be doubtful and keep your heart far from fears and have that determination of a champion. Have a graceful Thursday, my dear.

18. I don’t care if its Monday Tuesday or Wednesday, all I care about is that it will be a blooming amazing day that will remain in my thoughts forever.

19. Thursdays prepare us ahead for the special and beautiful things that will be happening over the weekend. Get ready because it will be mind-blowing.

20. Make your Thursdays unforgettable by doing things that will be remembered years to come. Make every chance given to you today count. Enjoy your Thursday.

21. Today promises to be great because it has a fresh start, different from all other days and a lot of opportunities to be explored. Hope for a much brighter day today. Happy Thursday.

22. Believing in yourself is the only medicine you need to be on top of your game today. It’s a happy Thursday already, just go ahead and live through it.

23. This Thursday will rejuvenate your life with more blessings, more strength, and strong faith. Be prepared to have the happiest Thursday ever in your life.

24. Our hope is not lost when we are positive. As the Thursday rolls over the existing week, I hope your goals and expectations were met? Smile and keep pushing, no matter what.

25. Only those with strong faiths see Thursdays for what they are. It’s a huge day that warms the heart on the arrival of Friday. A happy Thursday is the biggest wish I have for you.

26. It’s a beautifully bright Thursday so choose the best things that will spice the day. Choose smile over worries and happiness over sadness. Have an amazing Thursday.

27. Be grateful for every Thursday you experienced or will encounter because there are special blessings attached to them. Be patient and enjoy the blessings. Happy Thursday dear.

28. Have an attitude as contagious as a cough. Have a smile that can brighten a dark world. Do one good thing today to someone around and have a happy Thursday.

29. Remember that tomorrow is Friday and there are loads of plans made. Now smile for the best of the week just got started. A wonderful Thursday to you today.

30. Have a great day as beautiful like your heart. Experience an unbeatable weekend feeling because it’s just a day away. Do today’s task with a focused mind because freedom can be spotted already.

Thursday Inspirational Quotes

Looking for some inspirational lines to propel your body and soul? I have got the best Thursday quotes to inspire you. Get the best out of today with these inspirational Thursday quotes and don’t forget to share this post if you find them helpful.

31. Never fight yourself inside by trying to be normal. You are unique in your way and trying to be normal is like adopting the society standard of living which is not your thing.

32. You are so amazing. Everyday shows that you can live life forever. Remember that every day might not be fantastic but there are still blessings accompanying the day.

33. Things might not go the way you expected it but that doesn’t mean that it will remain that way forever. With a positive attitude, every situation can be overcome.

34. Build up a great attitude because great things attract positive things. Live life every day because no day is assured. Spread love every moment because you can’t tell what the next second holds.

35. Sometimes things don’t come together as we aspire for. Don’t freak out. Don’t worry either. Because one by one, you will gather up your expectations.

36. Every new day is a gift because yesterday is already a history, Thursdays are no exception. Make good use of your gift and have a happy Thursday as today rolls into history.

37. You don’t need to have everything to be happy. All you need is a peace of mind and some couple of wishes. You need to have a purpose to make all your days lovely.

38. When you begin to identify problems as an avenue to do your best, life begins to make sense and every day begin to have its testimony. Have a happy Thursday.

39. You need the energy, you need the commitment and you have to feel the enthusiasm inside of you if you wish to change your life around. To make it big, you need to be big inside.

40. Every day you transform yourself, you slightly change the world. You can blame the whole world for your misfortune, but it doesn’t change a thing. It only makes you feel better at the moment.

41. Life is a gradual process and transforming your life is another slow process. You need to be calm while you walk through the phrase of life and don’t forget to learn each lesson it teaches.

42. If you are willing to desire, you can accomplish. If you work hard enough, there is no limit to things you can achieve. Have a memorable Thursday.

43. Start something today. Make move from any angle you are now. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because, from mistakes, we grow. Have a fulfilled day, my dear.

44. You need to be strong to achieve something big. Your mindset should be set on things that are important to your life because every day is a new chapter in your life.

45. As much as we wish to have a successful life, make out time for family because the face of our families reveals our past, present, and future. They are valuable members of our life.

Thursday Morning Quotes

If there is any special section during the day it should arguably be the morning. I love my mornings because I get to organize myself for things that are meant to be handled during the course of the day.
Here are some Thursday morning quotes for friends, family, social media pages or for yourself.

46. Nothing beats a beautiful Thursday morning filled with assurance that the weekend is around to rescue you from the salvaging week. Smile your way through the day because it will remain beautiful.

47. While the weekend is a jump away, note that every single day comes with its responsibility to nature and human. Handle that responsibility and have a gracious Thursday morning.

48. Thursday mornings presents us with a glimpse of hope about the possibility of something exciting to happen. With a big grin, welcome the new day. Happy Thursday.

49. Thursdays are one amazing thing that happened to mankind because they come in between Wednesdays and Fridays. There is no better day to be happy other than this morning.

50. Thursday provides us with the hope that every obstacle in our life can be overcome. Congratulations for making it this far into the week. We hope for the best next week.

51. Develop the right attitude to take unpleasant tasks at the workplace rather than ruining your Thursday morning with the thought of how to cope all day. Have wishes filled Thursday morning, my dear.

52. Looking for the perfect moment to acknowledge all the little things that count? Here you have a bright Thursday morning. Spend it wisely.

53. Take a second this Thursday morning to reflect on things that are important to us. How well have we treated them all through the week? These may be the little things that make our worlds.

54. Thursday is an exciting day because we are halfway through the week. Waking up on Thursday morning is like winning a trophy because we can see the Friday from here

55. Here is a great Thursday to make beautiful plans for the weekend coming ahead. Clear your works diligently because we don’t want to spill over tasks into the weekend.

56. I value every morning but I love Thursday mornings more because I get to examine how well I have fared this week and spot out my achievements. Happy Thursday to every happy person out there.

57. Thursday mornings comes with its hurries and busyness because we are all after closing our week in grand style. Enjoy the feeling of the weekend coming ahead.

58. Thursday mornings and possibilities go together only if you approach each day with a grateful and open heart. Enjoy the joy the day brings to your life.

59. How we spend our Thursdays refine how we spend our Mondays. There is no difference between the two days just that one is closer to Tuesday while the other is closer to Friday.

60. Did you miss the chances of yesterday? Here is another Thursday morning to make amends for your mistakes. Happy Thursday to you.

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